Friday, November 03, 2006

Positive end for the International Symposium of Sculpture

On the 26 of September of 2006, ended, with great success and satisfaction as for the sculptors and the organization/coordination of International Symposium of Sculpture, as for what concern the support given and fulfilment of commitments assumed on the part of the City council of Vinhais, for the accomplishment, in the city of Vinhais, this important International Symposium of Sculpture, that elapsed since the past day 4th of September. We can describe the sculptures carried through by the five sculptors by the following:

CARLOS BARREIRA - a workmanship called "BULIDEIRA" sculptured, that was carried through essentially in granite of the Region. This is, without a doubt, the most elaborated complex sculpture and of its "Bulideiras", not only for the variety of the materials and the work the one that the artist submits them, as for the amount of narrative and symbolic elements that introduces in its work.

MANUEL PATINHA - it sculptured "CONCORD BOWS" ("Laços de Concórdia"), trying to portray the proximity in Vinhais between Spain and Portugal. Contemporary in gray granite and steel plate is about a magnificent escultural workmanship corten with approximately 5 meters of height, 2 meters and 30 centimeters of width and 90 centimeters of thickness.

PACO PESTAÑA - "IVORY TOWER" ("Torre de Marfim") sculptured. This imponent workmanship carried through in chestnut wood, with a height of approx. 5 meters represent a tower with warriors to be defended in a battle. The defense of these warriors was made with its "roçadouras" (agricultural tools, that in last times also served as half of defense) and with the shields (in the trunk of the sculpture).

PAULO MOURA - "CÊPA VELHA RETORCIDA", in normal steel, that more than forms, is a work with 7 meters of height (7,30m approximately) and whose base is formed by a wall of old and knocked down shale, following the line of decay of the grapevine. This sculpture represents the twist of the grapevine, therefore the Vinhais name drift of VINE. Paulo Moura was young the appositive one in this important International Symposium of Sculpture that more counted on four sculptors of great reputation the international level, as Manuel Patinha, Paco Pestaña, Carlos Barreira and Paulo Neves. The young sculptor Paulo Moura participated in the Symposium of Sculpture of the Steel as assistant of one of the sculptors and its talent did not pass unobserved to the Manuel coordinator Cross that, having appreciated sufficiently the work of it, invited it as sculptor to participate in this International Symposium of Sculpture.

PAULO NEVES - sculptured "VINHAIS and the ANGELS" ("Vinhais e os Anjos"). Corten steel of 10 mm of thickness, supported in a base of hardened is about a sculpture with 5 meters of height, executed in steel plate coated the granite of the Region. In the superior part a grapevine leaf was cut and simultaneously the drawing of 2 Angels, symbolizing the Angels protectores of the wine. The illumination becomes of the exterior of the sculpture.

The accomplishment in the City of Vinhais in the International Symposium of Sculpture had aims to develop artistic works escultóricos contemporaries with sight to endow concelho with Vinhais of innovative sculptures, modernity symbols, that will go to last to the long one of the years.

However, taking care of the diverse urban requalifications that Vinhais is going to suffer in the next months it is foreseen previsibly rank of all the sculptures in the respective places only in the first months of 2007 for posterior inauguration in day 20 of May of 2007, therefore it is about the Municipal Holiday in Vinhais.

The evolution of this Symposium was and will continue to be divulged by the ARTESCULTURAS which received visits on the part from interested in art and sculpture from all over the world (Portuguese and foreign that read easily in Portuguese). Accesses from the north and the south of Portugal and Autonomous Regions were registered along and also accesses of some dispersed points for the world as Spain, France, Germany, Joined Kingdom, Austria, United States of America, Brazil, New Zelândia, among others, indicative of the interest that this International Symposium of Sculpture has interested parties for the arts and the Sculpture.

According to the Organization, "the strong success of the International Symposium of Sculpture allows us to not only to think about carrying through for the year of 2007 and following new International Symposiums of Sculpture in Portugal, as also, thinking seriously, of a stated period of up to 3 years, also in internationalizing effectively these events, carrying through them in other countries and inviting for such some Portuguese sculptors to participate and of this form more if to divulge the international level. However, we will always bet on sculptors of quality of the new generation, always guaranteeing the invitation of one or two new sculptors of quality in each Symposium."